• First submission to Milpitas: July 2017
  • City Review: September 2017
  • Plan Update/Resubmissions: October 2017
  • Building Permits: November 2017
  • Occupancy Permit: May 2018

Estimated Renovation cost: $1.3 Million

By the mercy of Allah, we have collected approximately $500,000 as of now. We have a remaining balance of $800,000. We hope from Allah we can reach our goal soon, so we could be blessed to spend the blessed month of Ramadhan in our new facility.

This figure entails the cost concurrent with

  • Demolition
  • A/C units and duct work
  • bathroom/wudu area
  • prayer and hall areas
  • plumbing and electrical work
  • kitchen installation
  • flooring/ceiling work and other design and contracting expenditures.