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Eid ul Adha Prayer..

Inshallah Eid ul Adha prayer will be held at Masjid Darus Salam On Monday September 12th 2016 English Talk: 8:30 am Eid Salah: 9:00 am Khutba: After Eid Salah Information & Guidelines: – Please try to be there before time. Salah will...

Masjid Operations Fundraiser

We are starting our yearly fundraiser tonight for Masjid Dar-us Salam’s Operations With Allah willing we are trying to collect contributions of  $100k this year. Please use the link below to make your contributions online  

Ramadan Mubarak

The Hilaal of the month of Ramadhan was sighted in Florida  and at other locations as well on the evening of Wednesday, June 17, 2015. 1st of Ramadhan 1436 will be Thursday, June 18, 2015 Insha’Allah. PLEASE remember...